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A deeper look at how we tackle housekeeping in vacation rental management.

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Owning a second home or vacation rental can be extremely challenging when it comes to scheduled housekeeping and maintenance. There are so many instances where homeowners have unpleasant experiences reading negative reviews pertaining to housekeeping or even experiencing it first-hand during their stay. We all know that first impressions are important in any business and in the Vacation Rental Industry, housekeeping is our first physical impression for our homeowners and guests.

While homeowners continue to see new property management companies emerging into the Grand Strand, it is important to have a clear understanding of services. Some key areas of focus include whether housekeeping and inspections are handled in house versus contracted out; what does the inspection process consist of; are linens included; and most importantly, the cost. Many companies can offer and bundle low costs of housekeeping, you’ll find a gap or void in the thoroughness of quality control.

Homeowners typically change property management companies for two reasons:
-Not generating optimal rental income
-Not fulfilling adequate housekeeping and maintenance services.

Most of our calls from prospective homeowners in the Grand Strand stem from issues with housekeeping. The problems range from poor communication, lack of transparency, surprises on owner statements, to checking into a dirty home.

We recently had a conversation with a homeowner that had a positive experience renting their property with a rental management company since 1997.

“I have always been happy with the relationship since our family bought our condo in the late 1990s. I felt comfortable knowing that our property would be looked after, and our guests would be in good hands,” the homeowner said. “While we have been happy with our rentals, we continued to notice inconsistent housekeeping charges and fees assessed. We took the time to inquire about the charges, only to find we were charged for additional cleanings after our owner stays that were never communicated. It was disappointing knowing our property had unwarranted additional cleaning, but knowing the property had no inspection and a sliding door was left open for over a week was extremely upsetting.”

Carolina Vacation Stays uses a transparent three-part process when it comes to housekeeping. We have the initial inspection and removal of linens. This is our opportunity to report any damages, assess damages, and make necessary repairs and communication with the homeowner and guests. We then send our housekeepers in to prepare the property for the incoming homeowner or guest. Finally, before any keys or door codes are given out, we have our inspector or licensed property manager complete our final inspection report. This process ensures there are three opportunities to meet your expectations, the guest’s expectations, and our expectations.

We firmly believe in our profession and are proud members of the Vacation Rental Managers Association. We are constantly collaborating with fellow property managers and industry leaders to create the best possible experience as a homeowner. If you are interested in learning more about how Carolina Vacation Stays can save time and hassles with housekeeping, we encourage you to give us a call.

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